Healthy lunch ideas

We all know not every person on this earth has the time to eat a healthly lunch. Still this sometimes is easier then you have ever imagined, so what is keeping you from doing it? Watch this video and learn some useful tips on how you can make your lunches much healthier than you used to do. Sometimes a video is better than writing an extensive article with all kinds of facts, so enjoy!

3 unique ways on how to use acai berries as weight loss supplements

Excessive weight gain and obesity are some of the most common lifestyle conditions that most people find themselves dealing with at one point in their lives. These conditions though relatively less risky can at times lead to death especially if they are not handled and countered within the earliest possible instance. However, there is no reason to worry anymore as acai berries have been proven to be quite effective in bringing about a safe and healthy weightloss.

This is because the berries:

  • Reduce appetite thus lowering food intake,
  • Increase energy requirement in the body,
  • Increase body metabolism, and
  • Enhance fat burning in the body.

There are 3 ways that you can use acai berries for weight loss. These include:

Add acai berry to food recipes

Acai berries are primarily used as flavors in food recipes. However, research studies have shown that adding these berries to food recipes in proportionate amounts helps in weight loss both in the short and long terms. The only thing that you need to ensure when adding the berries to food recipes is that you should only add the right amount of berries- not too little or too much. For more info check

Add acai berry supplements to beverages

Adding these berries to your own drink proves to be one of the best ways of taking these berries for weight loss purposes. Despite ready- made drinks and beverages being more convenient as far as using these berries for weight loss, making your own beverages allows you to add as much berry supplement you want as long as the supplement does not become too much for your beverage.

Use acai berry capsules

Acai berry capsules are the most efficient form of this one of a kind weight loss supplement. The best thing about these supplement is that they are easy to take as their formulation is well prepared. You can purchase these capsules from health food stores or in online sites that stock weight loss supplement.

When using acai berry for weight loss, it is important that you should rely on a low fat diet so as to ease the burning of fats in the body.

How to whiten your teeth from home

A white smile looks great and everyone dies to have one. Dull teeth destroys or contributes to a dull and unpleasant smile, whitening your teeth therefore is one a major thing you should consider if you got stained teeth. For more info visit:

The tips below will help you whiten your teeth from home:

  • Swap your toothbrush.
    Throwing away your old tooth brush could the start of your journey to white teeth. It is advisable to dispose your tooth brush after every three months, if you are very keen you will observe that by this time most of the bristles are weak and falling off. This means that the brush is not cleaning your teeth properly hence can contribute to stained teeth.
  • Brush your tongue.
    Brushing your tongue does not only contribute to a fresh breath but also whitens your teeth. A lot of bacteria accumulate on the tongue leading to stained teeth after some time. Using a soft brush, stroke your tongue and rinse the brush after every stroke. This helps in removing the bacteria without re-depositing them on the tongue.
  • Rinse your mouth using apple cider vinegar.
    This a very natural way of maintaining a white smile. Mix water with apple cider vinegar in ratios of two to one, and swish the mixture round your mouth for about a minute.
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits.
    Fruits, vegetable and other crunchy food is of great importance to your teeth and body. They help in removing stains on the surface of the teeth and plague that cause cavities and stained teeth.
  • Rinse your mouth with water after taking oranges.
    As we all know, oranges are a good source of vitamin C in the body, but they contain acids that can erode our teeth. It is a must that you take such citrus fruits because the body need this vitamin but then ,you need to wash or rinse your mouth immediately after eating them to wash the destructive acid off your teeth.